February 26, 2021
Cover of A Lady's Revenge, Regency era woman with boxing wraps on her hands

A Lady’s Revenge

I’m very pleased to announce A LADY’S REVENGE by Edie Cay will be published on February 1, 2020. It’s just a few weeks away as I write this, and I’m so very proud of it. Edie Cay is my pen name, but this is my first published novel under any name. And you can pre-order it now!


This cover blows me away every time.

Those of you who know me IRL (as the kids say), know that when I try to do something, I try so very hard. A LADY’S REVENGE has been a labor of love, and also a labor of due diligence. I’ve researched every aspect I could, including taking up boxing for two years.

Why did I stop boxing? Not because I wanted to, but because I got pregnant. So really, you could say, THIS BOOK GOT ME PREGNANT.

Fair warning.

My son is two years old now, and this book is just now being born. The gestation of fiction is far longer than a human’s.


In the coming weeks, you can expect me to be posting about a lot of topics, instead of just my books reviews. I’ll cover Paper Lantern Writers, an author collective that we have launched; the care and feeding of your indie author (that’s me!); and keep you updated on the blogs/sites that will feature me as an author and review A LADY’S REVENGE.


You can pre-order an ebook or print copy at your favorite online retailer. In a few weeks, I’ll announce local shops that carry my book, so you can tell all your friends. (ALL OF THEM). You can sign up for my newsletter, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram, like and follow the Paper Lantern Writers on those sites as well.

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