February 25, 2021

Distraction Ideas

With all the news of Covid-19, we are all in need of some relief from our worry. And, if some of us are self-isolating or quaranting, then you need some entertainment. As an introverted extrovert, I’ve got ages of things I want to do if I had a day at home, untethered from a small child.

For this first distraction idea: a movie!

Big Five Dive

If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, then you might remember Big Five Dive: a documentary and amazing adventure for PADI’s first International Women’s Dive Day. We gathered a group of intrepid women, a dove all five Great Lakes in 24 hours. The documentary is a fun ride, twenty-two minutes that will have you cheering. Plus you’ll get to see my shining face.

Go to the Big Five Dive website, and the movie is embedded about two-thirds of the way down, after the Trailer. If you have the tech, stream it to your TV. The aerial shots are worth it!

If you want to read about the Adventure, as I blogged it, here are the links to my writing, here on the website:

Big Five Dive Blog:

Big Five Dive Eve

Dive 1

Dive 2

Dive 3

Dive 4

Dive 5

Big Five Dive Afterword

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