February 26, 2021

Flu Season

I know it isn’t the flu, because we ended up in the Emergency Room the other day with the kiddo, and they swabbed his nose. Try sticking something up a toddler’s nose when it isn’t his idea. It’s a challenge. But his fever was too high for too long, and we were concerned that our energetic happy dude was crying, red-faced, and hot.

An underarmpit friend during illness, it was transformed into a radio to call Fireman Sam once T got to feeling better.

Despite the high fevers, the congestion, and the incredibly uncharacteristic lethargy, lab tests showed that the T-man did not have the flu or strep. It’s something else that has been circulating our community, and I think I might have it too, just a lesser version. I don’t know if my lesser version of the flu can be attributed to my yearly flu shot, my adult immune system, or the fact that I don’t regularly stick random objects up my nose.

However, given that the T-man uses me as a human handkerchief, my illness is not surprising.

So instead of keeping up with my targeted word counts and starting my extra research for the forthcoming title, The Boxer and the Blacksmith, I’ve been keeping watch with a sniffly toddler as we cruise through season after season of Fireman Sam and Animal Mechanicals.

Having a child is humbling for anyone’s To Do List ambitions, let alone a sick one. I’m determined to not let this illness derail me completely, and I’m hoping to still keep my target publishing dates.

Coming Up

Flying in the face of the flu, I’m scheduled for a radio interview next week! I have a lot of events coming up, and I’m really excited. The interview will air on Wednesday, February 26th on FM 92.7 in the Sierra Foothills and the Central Valley.

Just in time to advertise the events of the next month! Fingers crossed that I’m at peak performance on these dates:

  • Feburary 29, Leap Day Afternoon Tea at Here’s the Scoop 11-3 (Jamestown)
  • March 6, Sierra Cellars Reading and Wine Tasting 5-7 (Twain Harte)
  • March 7, Barnes and Noble book signing 2-4 (Modesto)
  • March 21, Sonora Writer’s Group Reading at The Wild Rose 6-8 (Jamestown)

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