February 25, 2021

Gail Byrd’s Pages and Pelicans

I wanted to pass along a friend’s blog post–Gail Byrd is a lovely person, a talented actress, and was one of the very first people to read A LADY’S REVENGE lo, those many years ago.

We were in a critique group together, reading rough drafts of each others’ work every week. We met at a coffee shop, not far from downtown. I usually walked from home, but when the weather was rainy, I drove. Gail and Victoria were among the first people I told I was pregnant (as if staggering in, exhausted from a quarter-mile walk, wasn’t a dead giveaway. Or the ridiculous amount of ginger I consumed, hoping to cure myself of morning sickness.). We talked about each other’s books, our lives, what writing troubles we had. It was a day I looked forward to every week.

Here is Gail’s blog post about LADY’S REVENGE, but you can always stay awhile and see what other books Gail reviews.

One thought on “Gail Byrd’s Pages and Pelicans

  1. Thank you for the lovely words, Katie. I’m looking forward to the next one. Much as I want to know how you resolve some of the issues, I simply want to spend some more time with your characters.

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