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Katie Stine has her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She has published short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction in numerous literary magazines world wide. Her first novel, written as Edie Cay, titled A Lady’s Revenge, came out on February 1, 2020.

But let’s sit down and have a cuppa, shall we?

We are more than our professional biography. That first paragraph is all true, but it hardly helps anyone get a handle on anyone’s personality. So instead, here’s a more personal version of my biography: Books, Tea, Wine, Words, and Travel.

Whether the activity is eating bugs in the Amazon, scuba diving in the brackish river near St. Mary’s with zero visibility, or even just driving across the continent with a dog, a cat, and a capricious air conditioner, I’ll give it a go.

Some of the adventures I’ve blogged about on this page include a trip to Easter Island and Patagonia, a short venture to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, rappelling into a cave in Alabama (Bouncing the Well), the world-record setting (possibly?) 24 hour, 5 lake diving Big Five Dive with a group of talented, incredible women, documented by MadLaw Media. Also, our week-long trek in Oregon’s Three Sisters Wilderness, my wedding anniversary (marriage is an adventure in of itself), and then our week of rock climbing at Red Rocks outside of Vegas , and then the Savannah Film Festival!

And after those adventures, I had a kid. A great kid, who is a whole different type of adventure. I don’t blog about him, or mention him much, because I respect his privacy. The internet is forever, and I have no idea what he’ll want in ten, fifteen, or twenty years. But! I do post a bit about him in my newsletters, so sign up there for writing news, kid pics, and baking adventures.

Historical Fiction

A Lady’s Revenge is a feminist pugilist Regency romance, and the first in the When the Blood is Up series. The next book, The Boxer and the Blacksmith, will be out late 2020, and is also about women’s boxing.

Katie Stine
Sometimes I wear hats.

In the works is a literary novel set at the turn of the 20th century in eastern North Dakota, about a non-settler family that attempts to thrive during the tumult and change of that time period in the Midwest. It isn’t a Western, though it does rely heavily on the friendship between a young woman who is a member of the Mandan tribe and the daughter of the white family.

I review books for the Historical Novel Society’s quarterly journal, the Historical Novel Review.

I’m a member of the Paper Lantern Writers, a historical fiction author’s collective. I blog more reliably for them, because it seems to be easier to fulfill promises to other people, rather than to one’s self.

Older stuff:

Into the Void Issue 2 (Please support places that publish art!)

*This is what Arthur Plotnik said about my work:

The short story “Gregarious” by Katie Stine, about marrieds trying a foursome with another married couple, had a nice tension to it: the gregarious husband’s comfort with the idea versus the wife’s initial ambivalence and later conflicting emotions. The narrative is well shaped, expressive, the dialogue credible and revealing. Stine hits the touchpoints that many long-married or restless-married readers will recognize.

*Here is the YouTube clip of my reading my work (Thanks, Madlaw!)

Watershed Review 

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