February 26, 2021
Cover of A Lady's Revenge, Regency era woman with boxing wraps on her hands

Pub(lication) Day is Almost Here for A Lady’s Revenge

…just…a few…more…days…until A Lady’s Revenge is complete!

cardboard box with twenty copies of A Lady's Revenge by Edie Cay in it.
Boxes of her!

There has been so much prep work to get to this Saturday–far more than the romantic notion of me staring off into space, conjuring fierce heroines like Lydia Sommerset. That was the fun part of making A Lady’s Revenge. The rest has been a learning experience: formatting and cover art, marketing and events.

But I have boxes of A Lady’s Revenge in the guest room. I have the digital version in every store I’ve ever heard of (and some I’ve never heard of). But while that is exciting to ME, no one else knows about it (other than the Husband and the Little Dude).

But if you want to share in the excitement with me (and Lydia and John), here are some ways:

Online Events for A Lady’s Revenge:

*I was a guest on Caroline Warfield’s Blog, Highlighting Historical Romance (January 23). Feel free to comment or like on Caroline’s blog to show support!

*I will be showcased on the TeaTime Tattler (February 12). It’s a Regency gossip column, which was fun to write.

*I will be on Betty Bolté’s Historical Fiction with Heart blog on February 21.

*And of course, reading and reviewing the book on GoodReads and Amazon or any other place you might know or frequent. Reviews are like gold!

At Home:

*My book is available to bookstores through Ingram (the wholesale distributor for the United States). That means that ANY bookstore in the country can order my book and stock it on their shelves.

California Residents/Visitors Events for A Lady’s Revenge:

Photo by madeleine ragsdale on Unsplash

(Ahem) Starting on Pub Day,

February 1:

*February 1, Book Party at Servente’s Saloon, downtown Sonora @ 6 pm. Special drink menu, historical liquor trivia, and books!

*February 8, Sonora 2nd Saturday Art Walk, I will be hawking my wares downtown on Washington Street.

*March 6, Sierra Cellars, Twain Harte 5-7 pm. Wine tasting, a reading, a little conversation.

*March 7, Barnes & Noble, Modesto 2-4 pm. I’ll be in the bookstore signing books. Stop by and have a chat!

*March 21, Here’s the Scoop, Jamestown 11-3 pm. It’s a cute little baking/tea/book shop. We’ll have a spot of tea and a nibble of biscuits.

*March 21, The Wild Rose, Jamestown 6:30-8:30 pm. Another Book Party. I’ll give a reading and some historical context of the Regency era. More snacks. More tea. Some coffee.

Come See Me! I’d love to see smiling faces.

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