May 26, 2020

Happy Hour Explorers: The 5 Spot

5 Spot, Savannah Happy Hour
The 5 Spot at 4330 Habersham Street

Happy Hour in Savannah isn’t found solely in downtown. To get away from the crowds and the tourists and still have a decent and affordable afternoon is totally doable. Enter Habersham Village and The 5 Spot. This is another offering from the Gaslight Group, which also owns B. Matthews, Blowin’ Smoke, and Abe’s on Lincoln.

The 5 Spot, Savannah Happy Hour
A bottle of wine makes for a decent happy hour




But the purpose of this restaurant seems to be the neighborhood watering hole. The happy hour deals are great: Monday through Friday, 3-6 pm. They offer $3 domestic bottles, $1 off draft beer, $4 glasses of wine, $4 wells. In addition, each day of the week offers a special, like Martini Mondays where classic martinis are only $5. We happened in on a Wine Wednesday, where bottles were $10 off.

Opting for a Rosé, we sat at in the bar area, giving us a chance to drink in our local flavor with the regulars.


Pink wine has long been synonymous with lack of palate. But Rosé is not always sweet, and especially if you live in a hot, humid climate (I do!), this wine can be a refreshing break from the unrelenting and oppressive heat.

Savannah Happy Hour
My husband making friends with a horse. Doesn’t that just feel like Autumn?

For most of the country, September means pumpkin spice, chai, paper corn husks used in decorate vases. For those of us in the South, its still summer, just not quite as murderous as last month. So pardon me for continuing to speak of drinks that chill and refresh, because I still need it.

This section of the blog is typically history or recipes, and while I could give you some excellent history about the wine (thought to be one of the first methods of wine-making), or perhaps recipes for Rosé cocktails I’ve not yet tried, instead, I am giving you the link to an eye-candy Instagram account called YesWayRose.

Savannah Happy Hour, The 5 Spot
Delicious bottle of Acrobat from Oregon.

My favorite might be the shower wine. Because we’ve all thought about it.

Take a minute to check it out, and then go buy some good Rosé. Maybe drink a glass in the shower. Yes Way.


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