May 26, 2020


I prefer the definition of “adventurous” to mean:

involving new ideas or methods

or absolutely:

full of excitement.

NOT what the Merriam Webster likes to say:

exposing oneself to danger more than required by good sense

When I started riding motorcycles in my 20s, my father begged me not to because, as he put it, I don’t have enough fear.

Whelp.  We all have deficiencies.

Motorcycles on the Blue Ridge Parkway, adventurous!
Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle camping trip!

He was wrong, I do have fear. But I refuse to sit by and wish that I had done something with this one life we get to have because I was scared of a random, small percentage accident would happen to me. Bad things happen all the time.

I know, risk-taking behavior increases those chances. In 2014, 4,586 people died in the US from motorcycle accidents.  Maybe that seems like a lot, but there were 318.9 million people in the 2014 census.  That’s less than 1 %.  A lot less.

How about diabetes? 75,578 people died of this in 2013, giving diabetes the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. The kind of diabetes you get from sitting around and eating too much sugar (the one termed adult-onset), is not associated with risk-taking behaviors.  So really, I’m just trying to prevent running into the top killers of people in the United States.  These mass murderers, Heart Disease, Cancer, Respiratory Failure.

sprained ankle, not adventurous
That said, I totally sprained my ankle a few days ago.

Turns out denial is not a great therapy treatment.  (wait, what?)

I ran, had pain in my left knee (the one that had surgery on it), then immediately rolled my right ankle as a response.  I know, super good idea that backfired.

This aggressive convalescing, taking a break from my walks, the climbing wall, the yoga, is all so that next week, I can go hike through Yosemite and maybe hit up King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Park. I need to get some amazing scenery refilled in my brain bucket. After all, it’s been near eight weeks since my last big adventure.

And in just nine more weeks, I am excited to take part in the Big Five Dive, which I will expound upon in another blog post.  I will be Behind-the-Scenes blogging that documentary, filmed by MadLaw Media, whom you may recall from other amazing adventures like Bouncing the Well. 

Scuba diving on Utila, adventurous
A Dive Trip to Utila, Honduras in 2011.  Met Alex, and kick-ass lady diver.
But for now, I am icing my ankle, totally NOT climbing, NOT running, and NOT misbehaving in any way.

So if I’m all laid up this week, I challenge all the rest of youse to take yourselves out on an Adventure Date.  Post me pictures on social media. Let me see your love story with Adventure.

Macchu Picchu, adventurous
Machu Picchu, 2012.  Smooches, Adventure. Many smooches.

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