August 13, 2020

Back in Action

See these feet? These feet mean business.

IMG_0399Those striped socks are warm for winter, have rubber pads on the bottom for grip, and are way too thick to be worn with shoes.  Them there socks are writn’ socks.

I took a break from this website business for a few months, to get through the holidays, some major home renovations, and yet another major revision of my novel, The Square Grand.  

I have been in contact with the Barnes Historical Society, and have gotten some amazing feedback and new insights from Becky, who may or may not appreciate me mentioning her name on the infinite depth that comprises the Interwebs.  With the new help from Becky, I have made yet another major revision, and adding some new source material, hopefully spicing up the novel with a true account of a stagecoach robbery.

While writing this novel, I thought doing too much research would hinder my creativity.  I did research on the outset, and then closed myself off–big mistake.  Now that I have my story (fictional), and I read through historical accounts of the time (actually for fun), I find myself being inspired and adding scenes or details that only serve to enhance my work.  I promise I will post some more details soon.

How do you know I can keep my promise?  THOSE WRITN’ SOCKS.  They mean business.



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