November 30, 2020
Lady reading

Book Reviews

I have been writing book reviews for the Historical Novel Society for almost two years now. While those reviews are published in the Historical Novels Review, I wanted to publish them here as well. Starting next week, Mondays will be a previously-published Book Review from the Historical Novel Society.

Lady Reading (for a book review?)
Lady Reading by Frederic Soulacroix, circa 1900. (this work is in the public domain in the US)

Why am I doing this? In conversations with friends and family, my book recommendations are often those I’ve read for review. In one instance, my brother-in-law recommended a book that I had already reviewed! He’s the one who is on the cutting edge of tech and news, but this time, tables were turned.

But not everyone reads the Historical Novel Review (I don’t know why not), so publishing those favorite reviews here is a way to keep good books rolling to other book lovers.

For my most basic five starring-system for book reviews, you can find me at Goodreads. I tend not to write anything at all for those, just the stars.

I should be posting some terribly exciting news of my own soon, but in the meantime, I will publish reviews weekly.

*If you are an author, and you’d like me to review your book here on the website, I would be happy to. Just drop me a message on my contacts page. Also, I love posting gorgeous book covers of gorgeous books on my Instagram page.

Happy Reading.

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