May 26, 2020

Brain Input

heading out for a walk with more brain input

There are so many methods to entertain ourselves these days, so much so that I wonder how over-stimulated I actually am. When I begin a new story that I am unsure of how it will unfold, I try to surround myself with topics that relate to the experience I’m trying to portray, or the questions I am hoping to ask. But with so much media, it isn’t just books that I use as brain input.

One of the ways I have taken to expanding my world is listening to podcasts. Since I’ve been home long enough to restart my long walks, I’ve been catching up on my extensive list. Perhaps I subscribe to too many of them, since its clear I cannot keep up. But I like being able to switch between ideas and modes of communication as I walk. So this week, I give you my list.¬†Feel free to recommend more! I’m always game for another great voice:


  • The Moth
  • Love + Radio
  • StoryCorps
  • The Heart
  • Radio Diaries
  • This American Life


  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
  • Memory Palace


  • StarTalk Radio (astrophysics)
  • 99% Invisible (design)


  • Radiolab
  • Invisibilia
  • Serial
  • Theory of Everything

podcastMaybe that’s a bit excessive. Maybe it isn’t, because I value that input as equal to the input of books. Opinions are noted, facts are double-checked, but some of the poetry that an astronaut (on StarTalk) may say when waxing nostalgic about his last space walk is invaluable.

What do you listen to?


2 thoughts on “Brain Input

  1. Awesome!! New podcast recommendations! I listen to Serial, Doin’ Time (by my former professor). Thomas has a giant list he listens to when traveling.

  2. A friend just introduced me to “Stuff You Missed in History Class” and I think you’d love it!

    also a fan of “Dear Sugar Radio,” but I’m way behind…

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