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    Three Sisters: Day Five-Part The SECOND

    ***Continued from yesterday’s blog, where Katie and Andy had made it through the Wickiup Plains, Katie had fallen with her pack on, and they had encountered a pixie-ish couple from Seattle who had lost some clogs… Leaving Team Seattle behind us, we continued our slow but steady pace outstripping a few other hiking teams. I was proud of us, even though I know it wasn’t a competition. There was a small, unnamed lake that we were on the lookout for, a site we had thought to camp yesterday if we had energy after summiting South Sister (no.). So far, my knee was holding steady. We blew past the lake, small and filled with debris. Satchel…

  • Wickiup Plains
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    Three Sisters: Day Five

    For the first time, we slept in. I had doctored my knee as best I could the night before, using anti-inflammatory cream and sleeping in a compression sleeve lined with voodoo. As usual, I was out of my bag first, sweating on the backs of my knees and on my scalp, while Andy looked snugly content in a beanie cap and light fleece tucked into his bag. I made a cup of tea on our camp stove, looking out over Moraine Lake. I watched as a few hikers made their way up to South Sister. After replenishing calories the day before, having a long talk over a card game about…

  • South Sister

    3 Sisters: Day Four

    We woke early, this time on purpose. The campsite would remain intact, as we would only summit South Sister and return that same day. Full of hubris from our previous days, we discussed the possibility of striking camp after the summit and continuing on another five miles until the next available water. But we would wait to see how it felt when we returned to camp. Of the Three Sisters, South Sister is the tallest at 10,358 feet. Nicknamed Charity, it is the most climbed of the three volcanoes, probably because it has the least amount of erosion and the most glaciation. The Middle Sister is noted to be “unremarkable,” both…

  • Lake Moraine
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    Three Sisters: Day Three

    Again we woke at dawn, the dim light visible through the tent’s screened panels. The wilderness area averaged less than half an inch of rain in the month of August, so we weren’t worried about again leaving the fly off the tent. My sleeping bag was rated to 40 below, and we referred to it as the Thermal Nuclear Blanket because it doesn’t matter the temperature outside, the person inside remained warm. The nights weren’t getting that cold, dropping to temperatures in the fifties, I think. But by the time morning came around, the Thermal Nuclear Blanket had done its work, and I was ready to get out of there. Andy…

  • The Burn
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    Three Sisters: Day Two

    Purple twists of light tinted the sky. The sun hadn’t risen yet. In the distance, there was a faint but strange, honking sound. I turned my head to see Andy’s eyes wide open. He was lying still, listening. “Elk,” he whispered. I strained my ears, trying to hear them. The call sounds like the vuvuzela, the South African instrument we all grew to love during the 2010 World Cup. The rest of our morning was silent, birds still quiet. When the sky grew pink with shades of yellow, I got out of my sleeping bag. The ground was soft with black ash and my flip flops were near useless, but I slipped them on…

  • Three Sisters hiking loop
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    3 Sisters: Day One

    Hey, let’s go for a hike. We’re a hiking sort, me and Andy. Every year we try to spend at least a week in some mountains, walking around. That’s what they call it in other languages: walking. It takes some of the magic out of it, I think. Hiking is more than walking–it implies at least a small amount of challenge, an ample dose of isolation, and a great deal of scenery. We picked The Three Sisters Wilderness area in central Oregon, west of Bend. The highlight of the area, you may have guessed, are three volcanoes called The Three Sisters. Nicknamed Faith, Charity, and Hope, these three volcanoes have been recently…

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    You know pennies–the  smallest monetary increment in America. There are often petitions to rid ourselves of pennies, citing all sorts of things from their unnecessary copper usage (the penny is currently 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper), to the annoying pile in jars and cars where the pennies sleep, never redeemed for value. So this year was my 7th wedding anniversary. My husband and I try to come up with creative ways to spend our anniversaries after a few years of going out to dinner seemed at best unsurprising, and at worst, boring. We don’t give each other gifts on our “special day.” Neither of us is particularly good at gift-giving, and…

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    Happy Hour Explorers: The 5 Spot

    Happy Hour in Savannah isn’t found solely in downtown. To get away from the crowds and the tourists and still have a decent and affordable afternoon is totally doable. Enter Habersham Village and The 5 Spot. This is another offering from the Gaslight Group, which also owns B. Matthews, Blowin’ Smoke, and Abe’s on Lincoln.       But the purpose of this restaurant seems to be the neighborhood watering hole. The happy hour deals are great: Monday through Friday, 3-6 pm. They offer $3 domestic bottles, $1 off draft beer, $4 glasses of wine, $4 wells. In addition, each day of the week offers a special, like Martini Mondays where…

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    Happy Hour Explorers: Hitch

    We have another new restaurant in Savannah, a changeable smorgasbord of choices in our downtown area. Hitch is the second effort from the gentlemen who run Bay Street’s Treylor Park. While Hitch is occupying the difficult corner of Drayton and Liberty, it is serving some favorites from Treylor Park as well as trying new things. Current experiments seem to include finding a good Happy Hour. They seem to have settled on Monday-Friday Power Hour from 4-6 pm, which boasts 1/2 off all draft beer. We went on a Wednesday, which is also a 1/2 off wine bottles day. Fortunately, Hitch does have some of the tasty brews from local breweries…

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    Brain Input

    There are so many methods to entertain ourselves these days, so much so that I wonder how over-stimulated I actually am. When I begin a new story that I am unsure of how it will unfold, I try to surround myself with topics that relate to the experience I’m trying to portray, or the questions I am hoping to ask. But with so much media, it isn’t just books that I use as brain input. One of the ways I have taken to expanding my world is listening to podcasts. Since I’ve been home long enough to restart my long walks, I’ve been catching up on my extensive list. Perhaps…

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