August 13, 2020

Happy Hour Explorers: Hitch

Hitch, Savannah Happy Hour
Find this sign, then park.

We have another new restaurant in Savannah, a changeable smorgasbord of choices in our downtown area. Hitch is the second effort from the gentlemen who run Bay Street’s Treylor Park. While Hitch is occupying the difficult corner of Drayton and Liberty, it is serving some favorites from Treylor Park as well as trying new things.

Hitch, Savannah Happy Hour
300 Drayton Street

Current experiments seem to include finding a good Happy Hour. They seem to have settled on Monday-Friday Power Hour from 4-6 pm, which boasts 1/2 off all draft beer. We went on a Wednesday, which is also a 1/2 off wine bottles day.

Fortunately, Hitch does have some of the tasty brews from local breweries Service and Southbound as well as nationally distributed brands.

Hitch, Savannah Happy Hour
These amazing nachos, with waffle fries and pickles and balsamic vinegar

And despite that this is an alcohol based blog entry, I must also mention the nachos, because I love those nachos. Made with waffle fries instead of chips, this is a carb-loading delight. If you need hot sauce for that bad-ass platter, no worries, because they will bring out a cow-trough sized basket of hot sauces. Take your pick from mild piquant to DEAR-ALL-THAT-IS-HOLY-WHAT-HAPPENED-TO-MY-MOUTH. Quite delicious to go with that very affordable Power Hour beer.


Hitch, Savanah Happy Hour
That’s a full pint.

Don’t think you can make a cocktail out of our beer? Wrong. Think that it is a desperate sort of sacrilege to do so? Well, that’s your prerogative, but don’t start asking questions when you order a shandy.

In other areas of the world (ahem, Europe, coughcough), mixing pilsners and lagers with soda is an on-menu sort of drink. In some ways, I’m surprised that the mixing of lemonade or a lemon-lime soda (Sprite or 7-Up) with pilsners is a foreign idea in Savannah. The Germans would call that sort of thing a Radler, and it’s actually sold in cans. You can pick them up at Habersham Liquor, and it is delightful on a humid afternoon. Also, because the alcohol content is lower than that of a regular beer, one might not pass out from dehydration immediately.

Just give it a try. You’ll probably like it more than you’ll admit.

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