July 3, 2020

Happy Hour

Two very special words in the English language: Happy Hour.

Happy Hour Savannah
When walking in the Squares downtown, look up! (As long as you won’t spill your drink)

In a drinky little town like Savannah, a Happy Hour is a wondrous thing. We have an open container law that allows us Savannahians to sit in our 24 lovely squares, or window shop downtown, with an alcoholic beverage in hand. The only rule is no glass containers, which is perfectly reasonable, not just for the fear of broken glass, but when you think of the heat index here in Savannah, it just makes sense.

Many restaurants downtown advertise Happy Hour. Some of these places are deceptive, as they advertise a Happy Hour, but then only serve half-off appetizers, which everyone knows is cheating and a flagrant violation of the sanctity of Happy Hour. No, Happy Hour is for boozes. That’s why it is Happy. Cheap apps just means you’re ruining your dinner.

Happy Hour means you might be drinking your dinner. There’s a difference.

happy hour cocktail I announce here, now, that in my do-gooder’s heart, I mean to give back to my community by creating an actual up-to-date list of Savannah’s Happy Hours. It is a big task, yes, and thank you for the applause. You are too kind.

But Friends, I need your help. Think of me with big doe eyes, looking up at you, beseechingly, perhaps made up like Tammy Faye Bakker in the 1980s.

No, I don’t need your money.

But I could use some company. If anyone knows of a good Happy Hour in town, let me know, and I will add it to the list. Please verify its authenticity, you know, for research purposes.

And I leave you now with one of my all-time favorite fancy bar drink requests:

The French 75

The French 75 artillery weapon
The French 75 artillery weapon

Not that one, though that is the namesake. This one:


Happy Hour cocktail
The French 75 cocktail at Chive



2 oz. gin

1/2-1 oz. lemon juice (I use the juice from half of a lemon)

1 tsp. superfine sugar (the superfine dissolves quicker and easier. I sometimes use flavored Agave nectar instead, and I had great success with a raspberry flavored one.)

Fill with champagne, garnish with a lemon twist.

Happy Hour cocktails
Molly is one of my Happy Hour Explorers. Wait. Can that be like a grown-up Scout Troop?

I have seen these served in champagne flutes, martini glasses, Collins glasses, and coupe glasses. You pick. The bigger the volume, the more champagne you can drink.

Let me know some good Happy Hours, or if you are in Savannah, give me a call, and we can go explore one together. Stay tuned for a separate page with the Happy Hour Index. Savannah’s is quite high.

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