July 10, 2020

Happy Hour Explorers: El-Rocko Lounge

El Rocko happy hour

Listen up, Savannah hep-cats. Put on your skinny jeans, Beatle boots, and slap on some white lipstick to go have a cocktail at the El-Rocko Lounge. Decked out in gold, gold, and gold, there is so much to look at while you sip.

El-Rocko Lounge is at 117 Whitaker Street


Happy Hour is 5-8 pm, where a PBR is $2, Jameson/Jager is $3, Domestic beer is $3, and most importantly, the Draught Cocktails are $6.

Aside from the atmosphere of a Northern Soul bar from the late sixties, the bold artwork of the pachinko machines, and the photo booth, it’s the draught cocktails that set this place apart. Mixed ahead of time and aged in a cask, the bartenders will pull a highball as per your request.

The draught cocktail menu is unusual, but if adventurous drinking isn’t your jam, there is a full bar as well.

Anders Thomsen

One can also catch live music there, with an excellent space for dancing, if you are compelled to get your groove on. We happened to be there when 6-string guitarist Anders Thomsen played, rocking out some Johnny Cash stylings.

A lovely Summertime cocktail available at El-Rocko is The Quiet American. The recipe I have found for it differs slightly than the description at this shiny bar, but the idea comes across.

The Quiet American

Cocchi Americano, aromatized wine.
  • 2 oz Club Soda or Tonic
  • 1 oz Cocchi Americano (aromatized wine)
  • 2 oz Gin
  • grapefruit bitters

This drink is supposed to be named after Graham Greene’s 1955 book The Quiet American, about American, British, and French involvement in Vietnam, prior to the American-Vietnam War.

Like politics, there are many versions of the true recipe.

This particular one I cobbled together from various sources on the interwebs. While my version (and El-Rocko’s) uses gin, a cocktail base that I might argue is perhaps the best for a humid summer, I have also encountered several recipes claiming whiskey as the base of The Quiet American. Either way, this drink is definitely not one of those Institution sort of recipes where people quibble over ratios and brands.

Maybe garnish it with a lime or some mint because either way, it will be refreshing.

And lastly, for some reason, talking about this wine, and this bar, all I can think of is this snippet. Enjoy.

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