September 17, 2020


penniesYou know pennies–the  smallest monetary increment in America. There are often petitions to rid ourselves of pennies, citing all sorts of things from their unnecessary copper usage (the penny is currently 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper), to the annoying pile in jars and cars where the pennies sleep, never redeemed for value.

pennies, anniversary in Savannah
Our 6th anniversary Square crawl. Awesome vintage bicycles in the background.

So this year was my 7th wedding anniversary. My husband and I try to come up with creative ways to spend our anniversaries after a few years of going out to dinner seemed at best unsurprising, and at worst, boring. We don’t give each other gifts on our “special day.” Neither of us is particularly good at gift-giving, and if we give a thing, that means it has to stay in the house. Which is one more piece of clutter, and also a potential landmine years down the road (“Oh sure, you won’t throw away that rag you call a t-shirt, but you’ll throw away your third anniversary gift.”).

pennies, anniversary in Savannah
This is what 6 years of marriage looks like, kids.

Last year, the sixth wedding anniversary, was iron. There aren’t any ironworks around us to go tour, but instead we went to all of the squares in Savannah to admire the wrought iron craftsmanship that is abundant in this bucolic Southern city. We took pictures of us in all 24 squares, while bicycling on our awesome vintage bikes. We had fun, spent the afternoon together, and finally visited EACH square. That’s something to check off the list.

pennies, anniversary in Savannah
Our route

So for our Copper Anniversary, we again hit the squares. We went to brunch at Collin’s Quarter, and then hit seven public fountains with a bag full of pennies. Not only did we throw our own wishes in, we handed them out to whoever was around. We interrupted a couple’s engagement photo session (and then the photographer took our picture too). We found a Segway tour and gave them all pennies. They lined up around Columbia Square and threw them all in simultaneously, letting it be my massive wish. We found a wedding ceremony just finishing in Lafayette Square. We handed out pennies to the bride & groom and the rest of the wedding attendees. Also to the Girl Scout moms that were sitting on a nearby bench. We finished at Forsyth Fountain, handing out pennies to the tour groups enjoying the morning shade.

pennies, anniversary in Savannah
Our third stop, a fountain on River Street.

For the most part, people brightened when we handed them a penny. I explained our 7th wedding anniversary. I explained copper, and we asked them to make a wish–whatever they wanted. Many people said they wished good things for us, which is awesome and I am grateful. But what we both hope is that someone made a far-fetched wish. Some big dream, that this was the first time that this person put into real words, real thoughts. And maybe someday that wish comes true. That’s what we hope.
pennies, anniversary in SavannahSo I hope that for you, too.


Here’s a penny. Make a wish.


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