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    2016 in review

    I had some big goals for 2016. Most of the goals were reasonable, but still some entirely unreasonable ones snuck in. These were the goals I wasn’t going to hold myself to because I had no control over other people’s actions, but I couldn’t help but keep these outlandish expectations as a yardstick. Maybe I watched too much Parks & Rec because I made a binder for my Writing Year, made quarterly goals, and decorated it with stickers. Some of my goals I now see as unrealistic (like blog 4 times a week. Who has time for that?), and some of them I forgot to write down, because I didn’t…

  • Romanian Rib
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    Romanian Rib – Red Rocks

    There are many sports metaphors that equate to struggle. Marathons, extra innings, overtime: all of these immediately conjure up the physical struggle of a human being. But perhaps we need a sports metaphor for the less demanding endurance trail. Romanian Rib could be just such a metaphor for patience. Romanian Rib is a specific route near Red Rocks National Park. The climb itself is about 1000 feet of vertical. There is a parking lot on the side of the road, and a marked, maintained trail for about half of the 1.5 mile hike-in to the base of Romanian Rib. That morning we got started a little later than usual, despite our promises…

  • Red Rocks
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    Red Rocks

    Red Rocks is an incredible formation of sandstone 15 miles outside of Las Vegas. One of the best things about a trip to Red Rocks is that all of the gambling and drinking of Vegas tourists subsidize the inevitably less expensive food and lodging of a climbing trip. We stayed at an AirBnB on the West side of Vegas, near Red Rocks, big enough to have plenty of room for four people. Though only 15-20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, we were also 15 minutes from the garage to touching sandstone rock. The first day we arrived, Andy ran up Mount Wilson (I do not use the word “run” in…

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    Big Climb Prep

    In a few weeks, we are going to Red Rocks outside Las Vegas to climb. Not much for gambling, we will be subsidized by all the people do: cheap flights, cheap places to stay, easy food. I have to admit something too–I am not a great climber. Nor particularly good. Aaaaand I don’t really climb very often. (There is a sincere dearth of elevation near Savannah). For the past week or so we’ve been practicing for my benefit. I have my own rope length to practice my knots, and while I watch TV or listen to podcasts, I tie and untie my handful of knots.   I keep all of my…

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    Cheap Exercise

    One of the things that has taken a hit since I’ve stopped my day-job to write full time is my pocketbook. In an effort to cut back, I culled my luxuries, including awesome lunches (now I scrounge for whatever is handy. Yesterday was an over-ripe avocado and some crystallizing strawberries on some rotting arugula. The day before that, I set a piece of bread on fire because I forgot that I had turned on the toaster. It’s a serious glamour palace at my house), but more to the point, I culled a gym membership. So where does a body get some cheap exercise? Not only no gym membership, no yoga classes, no…

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    Yosemite & Tahoe

    My fingers ache as I type this.  The good kind of ache: where my back is cramping up and my quads shake when I stand up.  I’ve torn off two deep blisters, both on my ring finger on each hand. I’m taped up like a gymnast, except I’m too tall and too old to be one. I’m staring out the window of a hotel room in Reno, a parking garage in the foreground, the Sierras in the background, and weather is moving in fast and hard.  Slush rained on us this morning as we returned from a lunch buffet in the Silver Legacy casino.  (We’d already climbed for two hours before…

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