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    Cuba: Day Two

    We woke up in La Habana. It felt surreal, dreamlike; the way Latin American authors write about magical realism, that which is true, but cannot be. Breakfast was Cuban coffee (distilled and black and delicious even to a heavy tea-drinker like me), a bowl of fresh fruit (bananas and papayas and pineapple, and something else I never quite figured out), and eggs with a slice of cheese, a slice of ham and a slice of tomato. We chatted with the other travelers at the table, and Adele, a British lady was nice enough to give me a stash of PG Tips tea bags. I had not brought any with me (I…

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    Joy(us)Adventure: day 15

    The morning began with a visitor.  An unwelcome one.  We had left the window open during the night because it was so stuffy in our room, and despite the air being thick with wood smoke, it had been quite comfortable.  Apparently, also for the spider who came to bid us welcome to his island. The craftsmanship on Chiloé Island is second to none.  We spent the day in Castro, the capital city of the Island, and saw some spectacular woodworking.  I know, I know, how does an adventure blog get onto the topic of woodworking?  Well, if you had gone, you would have been impressed, too.  But let me start…

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    Joy(us)Adventure: Day 14

    Today was the first truly gray day, and after two weeks of nothing but beautiful, sunny skies, I ain’t even mad. We packed up our stuff and left Puerto Varas, and headed South towards Chiloé Island.  Before we got there, however, we stopped at a small community called Pargua. OAT, the company, is run by former teachers.  Part of their big thing is supporting specific schools in all of these remote parts of the world.  They ask us to bring supplies with us, if we so choose, to help out the schools.  It was a Sunday when we passed through Pargua, so we didn’t see the kids, and only the…

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