Best Books of 2016 Compilation

Maybe 2016 was an all-out Dumpster Fire for you. Maybe it wasn’t. Either way, you probably missed some great books as the months sped by. I have compiled a resource list to help you choose your next book (a best book) before 2017 takes over and you have to keep up with those.

I have broken them into some categories to make it easier to peruse. Perhaps you like Award winners. Committees form, discuss, celebrate a winner. Man Booker Award winners are usually great books for me because they are often quirky. However, they do not allow Americans to enter, so if you want an American experience, go instead with the PEN or the National Book Award winners. Of course, if you want to give someone new a chance, the Hemingway award is only for debut novelists.

But maybe prizes are meaningless. There are deadlines and politics involved. No problem! I have also compiled a list of “Best of…” from a number of different resources. The typical news outlets that have book reviews like the New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, but also a little less literary, like Harper’s Bazaar. But, if you want to get insider knowledge, there is also Publisher’s Weekly.

imgresOf course, there are a few books that are on every list or almost every list. One is Colson Whitehead’s Underground Railroad. If you haven’t read it,  put it on the list. In non-fiction, Evicted by Matthew Desmond. imgres-1

But read on, friends. It is the best way to understand the miles of someone else’s shoes.

Award winners:


Not into the whole content thing?

*Best Book Covers of 2016 according to Paste Magazine

Best of 2016 lists:


Best of luck with your To-Read-Next Pile.



Things Which Seem Like A Good Idea At The Time

1. Keeping a bowl of chocolate chips at my desk while I write. (My cat must have eaten them, because they are flat out gone. Like, disappeared gone.)

2. Trying to connect my Pinterest page to this website. (Impossible)

3. Home renovations. (#diy only ends in dust in your nostrils and popcorn ceiling in your hair.)

4. Asking everyone for a booklist. (That got out of hand quickly.)

5.  Savannah. In August. (Few things are worse.)

6. Telling people you are a writer. (They always ask the same thing. That’s why I stopped saying it years ago. I now say, if I am not too tired to think, “I like to write.”  Easier follow-up questions.)

7.  Eating all the Chinese food I just ordered. It is gonna be delicious.