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    2016 in review

    I had some big goals for 2016. Most of the goals were reasonable, but still some entirely unreasonable ones snuck in. These were the goals I wasn’t going to hold myself to because I had no control over other people’s actions, but I couldn’t help but keep these outlandish expectations as a yardstick. Maybe I watched too much Parks & Rec because I made a binder for my Writing Year, made quarterly goals, and decorated it with stickers. Some of my goals I now see as unrealistic (like blog 4 times a week. Who has time for that?), and some of them I forgot to write down, because I didn’t…

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    Yosemite & Tahoe

    My fingers ache as I type this.  The good kind of ache: where my back is cramping up and my quads shake when I stand up.  I’ve torn off two deep blisters, both on my ring finger on each hand. I’m taped up like a gymnast, except I’m too tall and too old to be one. I’m staring out the window of a hotel room in Reno, a parking garage in the foreground, the Sierras in the background, and weather is moving in fast and hard.  Slush rained on us this morning as we returned from a lunch buffet in the Silver Legacy casino.  (We’d already climbed for two hours before…

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