• Three Sisters hiking loop
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    3 Sisters: Day One

    Hey, let’s go for a hike. We’re a hiking sort, me and Andy. Every year we try to spend at least a week in some mountains, walking around. That’s what they call it in other languages: walking. It takes some of the magic out of it, I think. Hiking is more than walking–it implies at least a small amount of challenge, an ample dose of isolation, and a great deal of scenery. We picked The Three Sisters Wilderness area in central Oregon, west of Bend. The highlight of the area, you may have guessed, are three volcanoes called The Three Sisters. Nicknamed Faith, Charity, and Hope, these three volcanoes have been recently…

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    Happy Hour Explorers: Ordinary Pub

    After so much adventure, coming back home to catalog some of the great things about Savannah is relaxing–especially when it involves Happy Hour. A single doorway on Broughton Street with a bicycle etched on the glass brings a thirsty Explorer to The Ordinary Pub. If this Explorer happens in Monday through Friday between 3 pm – 7 pm, deals are available. (The Ordinary Pub website says Happy Hour is seven days a week). Deals like $3 drafts, $4 wells as a double or 2 for 1, and then there are daily cocktail specials. When I visited, one of the $5 cocktail special was a Moscow Mule. Who doesn’t love the bite…

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    Big 5 Dive: Afterword

    It’s been a week now, since twenty people stayed awake for more than 24 hours, drove over 1000 miles, and dove in all five Great Lakes. We followed the hydrology of the lakes, echoing the natural flow of freshwater, but also mindful not to encourage the spread of invasive species that threaten the balance in the lakes. Thanks to Meaghan, I bought myself a glass water bottle, in the hopes I don’t have to buy another plastic one ever again. Sunday morning, after the dive, I walked around Olcott, NY, a cute town that seemed like a charming place to station oneself and go wine-tasting or visit Niagara Falls. I…

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    Big 5 Dive: Dive 5!

    The sun set for the second time on our adventure. We were in New York, driving in our two-van caravan, hoping we were going in the right direction. We had an address and a GPS, and we drove the 250 miles, ending up in a chain of small towns, each smaller than the last, until we finally saw the sign for Olcott. At least there was finally a sign for the town the hosted our last dive. So we drive to the even smaller town of Olcott, and we park at the beach, and we see no one. Calls are made, and we get back into the vehicles, driving around…

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    Big 5 Dive: Dive 4

    The drive from dive 3 to dive 4 felt infinite. We hadn’t slept in over 24 hours by then, and being dry was a new kind of luxury for me and Kyle. We had managed our dives in Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron, but dive site 4 was the most unknown of all the areas. No one really knew what to expect, and the weather was showing three-foot waves on Lake Erie. We drove through rain, and I worried that our adventure would be shut down by weather. Jessica and Tami switched off driving responsibilities, allowing me and Kyle the opportunity to nap sitting up and shove food…

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    Big 5 Dive: Dive 3

    The sun was rising. Dawn came as we pulled into the parking lot of 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, site of dive 3. This time as we pulled our caravan into the parking lot, there were other people out. This particular wreck, the Joseph S Fay, I had written about a month ago in preparation for this adventure. Kyle and I had already scuba-ed this site earlier in the week, and we knew it was the longest surface swim. I had struggled with my surface swim on the previous wreck, tired from the searching we had done trying to locate the buoy the connected to the site. But this time, I spotted…

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    Big 5 Dive: Dive 2

    It was not quite three o’clock in the morning when we arrived at the Headlands Dark Sky Park. I had gushed about this place not long ago, imagining this moment. Our caravan drove down snaking roads, narrowly avoiding some of the Dark Sky Park attendees walking back up to where they had to park their cars. Kyle and I were still in our wetsuits from the first dive. The tarping of the van had seemed like a smart idea, and now that we were in practice, tarps had been nothing short of genius. Both of us kept our feet up on the large blue plastic tub that had become the de…

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    Big5Dive: Dive 1

    The Big 5 Dive had 15 divers: 14 women of varying dive experiences and ages, and one man who filmed it all.   So how did it go? On PADI Women’s Dive Day, July 16th, I sat on the shores of Lake Superior with Kyle, kitted up and waiting for midnight to hit. Dive 1 was about to get underway. Earlier in the evening, the divers, the production crew, and assorted helpers had caravaned out from Alpena to get some pastis in Mackinac, hit the Mackinac bridge that officially put us in the Upper Peninsula (the UP), and arrived at Whitefish Point Shipwreck Museum, all in preparation for Dive 1.…

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    Big Five Dive Eve

    Just a few more hours until we head up to Lake Superior for our first dive for Big Five Dive! The Stuff The vans are packed to the gills with dive gear and photography gear (separate, of course, not everything is rated for 100 meters underwater). Steve Plowman of Plowman’s Collision has lent us the vans, and we intend to return them in just as good of a shape as when he sent us off with them. We bought six tarps to make sure.     We’ll be snacking on all of those glorious chips from Bettermade. I. Can’t. Wait.   Jessica is making homemade peanut butter oatmeal energy snacks.…

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