July 10, 2020

The Siege Winter

    I like local bookstores. I used to work in local bookstores. One of the cool perks, of course, is getting grubby hands on the advanced reader copies ahead of everyone else. True, there may be a few mild copy errors, and the binding is not meant to last. Plus, there’s that bright red Uncorrected Proof – Not For Sale sticker.   

    That red sticker

     I was at a local bookstore a month ago, and conveniently, two of our local bookstores are located within a block of each other, and I got to pick out an Advanced Readers copy from a small basket near the register. 

    I have a deep affection for medieval history, so the pick of the basket was easy: The Siege Winter By Ariana Franklin & Samantha Norman. It is mostly set during 1141, in England. This is a fascinating time period, as the Norman Conquest in 1066 changed the small island irrevocably. The descendents of those conquerors still own the majority of the land in England. But the security of these new landlords was not certain. 

    The story of these two authors is interesting as well, and deserving of its own post. 



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