August 13, 2020

Things Which Seem Like A Good Idea At The Time

1. Keeping a bowl of chocolate chips at my desk while I write. (My cat must have eaten them, because they are flat out gone. Like, disappeared gone.)

2. Trying to connect my Pinterest page to this website. (Impossible)

3. Home renovations. (#diy only ends in dust in your nostrils and popcorn ceiling in your hair.)

4. Asking everyone for a booklist. (That got out of hand quickly.)

5.  Savannah. In August. (Few things are worse.)

6. Telling people you are a writer. (They always ask the same thing. That’s why I stopped saying it years ago. I now say, if I am not too tired to think, “I like to write.”  Easier follow-up questions.)

7.  Eating all the Chinese food I just ordered. It is gonna be delicious. 

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